How long does this training take to complete?

This training is 3 or 5 hours in duration: (versions may vary depending on the region you are in)

  • 3 hours – Introduction and modules 1 to 3 (for all)
  • 5 hours – Introduction and modules 1 to 6 (for managers)

In order to receive a certificate of completion, you must complete the evaluations associated with the 3-hour or 5-hour training modules and achieve the passing score indicated on each evaluation.

I am a Health Service Provider and I want my employees to complete the training. Do they have to register individually?

People can register individually and forward their certificate to their employer.

For Health Service Providers that need to register more than a few employees we can create a group with a special account that allows you to register a list of people in a few simple steps. This account also allows you to see when people receive their certificate. If you would like to use this feature, please contact us with the form on the “Contact” page or give us a call.

I already started the training on the old website. Do I have to start over?

No, if you had completed whole modules on the old website we can transfer your progress. You only need to create an account and contact us with the form on the “Contact” page. Be sure to include your email, first and last name. Please allow us 24 hours to process your request. If, after this delay, your progress doesn’t appear in your account please don’t hesitate to call us so that we can quickly sort things out.

May I follow the training course at my own pace?

Yes. Your progress is saved each time you click the “Mark completed” button on the bottom of each page. When you come back to the website and go to your dashboard, click the name of the training and navigate to the last page marked as completed.

Can I follow the training in English and French at the same time?

No, unfortunately your progress is saved separately for the two versions of the training. If you started the training in one language and would like to continue in the other language, contact us with the “Contact” form and we will transfer you progress to the other language. 

Do I have to renew my certificate of completion after a certain number of years?

No. Once you have completed the training course, you will receive a certificate which does not expire.

What is the cost of the training course?

Both the training course and the certificate of completion are free.

May I complete this training course if I do not work or study in Ontario?

Yes, the original training developed for the Ontario context was adapted for several provinces and territories across Canada with the help of the French Language Health Networks of these regions. There is also a version of the training that applies more generally to the Canadian context at large and even to other regions outside of Canada. When you register choose your region to enrol in the version adapted for you. If  your region is not present in the list, the “other” option is the version that applies to the Canadian context.

Do I need to register for the training course?

Yes. Registering will enable you to track your progress and receive your certificate once you complete the introduction and the six modules. If you work for a Health Service Provider, your employer may also register you as part of training they require or suggest you complete.

What is the timeline to receive my certificate of completion?

You will be able to save and print your certificate once you successfully complete the introduction and the six modules and their respective evaluations.

Do I need access to a computer to complete the training course?

No. The training website is accessible from most phone and tablet web browsers. However, depending on your needs and preference, you may want to access the content on a bigger screen.

If I don’t work or study in the field of health care, can I take the training?

Yes, everyone is encouraged to take the active offer training even if you are not working or studying in the field of health care.

Can I return to the training at any time to review the information?

Yes, once you complete the training you can browse the modules freely to review the information at any time.